South East Asia Guidance and Case Studies

This section of the portal provides access to a range of resources to help you find and transform climate model data into future climate information products to inform adaptation planning.

Get Started

Visit this section to learn more about the role of climate information in adaptation planning, and how to use this portal to help you to identify and use climate information appropriate to your adaptation planning needs. [Read more]

Understanding Climate Model Data

Review some fundamental processes and concepts that are important considerations when working with climate data, models and projections. [Read more]

Developing Climate Information

These guidelines have been developed to help users with different levels of knowledge and experience who are concerned about possible impacts of climate change. By following the 10-step process outlined in the guideline, you will gain a better understanding of the range of climate information and services available and learn how to select appropriate projections to use when developing your adaptation and mitigation strategies. [Read more]

Case Studies

A set of case studies has been developed to demonstrate how climate information can be used for climate risk assessments and adaptation planning within different contexts. Each case study is aligned with the Developing Climate Information guideline, so provide step-by-step guidance on the application of these guidelines. [Read more]

Copyright and Licensing

These pages provide information about intellectual property as it concerns material that you develop and share, and your use of existing material developed by others. [Read more]

Resource Library

The resource library contains links to a range information products, knowledge resources and tools that can be used for climate change adaptation and resilience planning. [Read more]