Define the Project Objectives

Your project objective must articulate the purpose of your project: why are you undertaking your project and what do you intend to achieve?

For example, your project objective may be to:

  • develop a¬†summary of climate information and present results in a scenario planning workshop for adaptation
  • develop maps of national projections for rainfall and temperature
  • construct climate change scenarios for use in a rainfall-runoff model to assess the impact of climate change on runoff.

It may also be useful to define how you will determine if your objective has been met by establishing success criteria.

For example:

  • If your objective is to develop climate projections based on an¬†understanding of the historical trends and climate model simulations, and you intend to publish results in a web portal, your success criteria could be how many people access and use the information, and a published journal paper.
  • If your objective is to develop daily rainfall time series for use in a rice model, your success criteria could be the production of scientifically robust and applicable model data along with self-explanatory metadata.