Identify Your Users and/or Stakeholders

A user and/or stakeholder is anyone with an interest in your project, and will likely use your project results. Your stakeholders may include people or organizations whose decisions will be influenced by the outcomes of your project, or who will benefit in the achievement of your objective.

For example, if your project objective is to develop future daily rainfall scenarios for use in hydrological modelling, then a stakeholder could be a researcher or hydrologist who will conduct the hydrological modelling and/or a climate modeller who may have climate model data that could be useful to your work.

It is important to engage with your stakeholders throughout the climate information development process. They may contribute to defining the scope of the work, finding the required data, providing project context, and improving the presentation of results.

Stakeholder engagement plan

A stakeholder engagement plan is a useful tool for managing stakeholder engagement. The plan should outline your engagement objectives for each stakeholder (or group of stakeholders) and the strategy, activities, and timeline for meeting each of the objectives. It may also include a strategy on how to monitor and evaluate the engagement processes.